July 29, 2014


On Saturday my Mom, sister and I had the pleasure of throwing a Couples Shower for my brother Danny and his fiancee Meredith. It was a fun-filled day of hanging out with family, eating mounds of food and playing a few (somehwat successful) games. As you can see above, we also had some delicious cupcakes that Laura made herself! They were PERFECT. 

We spent most of Friday and Saturday morning getting everything ready, and I’ll have a little behind the scenes post up for you later this week, but for now I thought I would just share photos from the happy day.   

photo1 (2)

I bought this wedding date bunting from Etsy!

photo2 (2)

We decided to use the burlap and lace bunting as inspiration for decorating the vases


Laura preparing the “Newly Wed Game”


Playing the “Newly Wed Game” which was more successful in theory…



The favors were both my Mom’s idea, we thought they were cute!









I made them Bride and Groom cups – more on how I did it later this week!



Still dreaming about those cupcakes… mmmmm…..




Planning a party with people you love and for people you love is pretty awesome. Thanks to my Mom and Laura for everything you guys did to make it a successful shower, and thanks to Danny and Meredith for giving us a reason to celebrate!

Something Borrowed

July 22, 2014


A few years ago, Mike and I had a span of 6 months where we attended 10 weddings. That’s right: TEN. A few times we even had two in the same weekend and one crazy night we agreed to go to two weddings in the same night. It was a crazy time. I felt like every weekend we were figuring out our route, mode of transportation, and (of course) what to wear.

Now that the wedding phase has slowed down, we get to actually enjoy and relax a little bit when we watch our pals say I Do. This past Saturday was an example of just that. The venue was at the National Harbor, which is only 15 minutes from our house (easy!) and we decided to take an Uber as our mode of transportation (neither of us have to DD!) and my co-worker graciously offered for me to borrow her lovely dress for the night (thanks, co-worker!)- it was a magical, stress free evening.





Tiered Ruffle Dress: Borrowed from my co-worker (similar), Coral Heels: Ross (similar),

Sequin Clutch: Love,Cortnie, Drop earrings: Francesca’s (similar), Cocktail Ring: Old Navy





Sending a huge thank you to my fairy god mother co-worker who was kind enough to let me party it up in her dress- you’re the best!

Adventure Necessities (Part I)

July 17, 2014

Now that I can openly talk about our pending move to Brussels, I’ve decided it’s time to start thinking about what I’ll need while I’m there! The good news about us only being there for 6 months is that we will be staying in what they call “business flats” so the apartment will be fully furnished- including dishes, cooking supplies, bed & bath linens, and paintings! (yes paintings, a whopping 3 of them)! All we will need to bring is our clothes, a pocket French phrase book and our sense of adventure. Oh, and a weekender bag for all of the traveling we plan to do while we’re there! Here are a few options that looked appealing to me…

Anthropologie Emersyn Weekender


Grid Weekender

Scenic Commute Weekend Bag 

Baggu Weekend Bag

Deax Lux Felix

Ethnic Embroidered Weekender

Manly Weekender Bag (maybe for Mike?)

Tranquil Travels Weekend Bag

 Which one do you like best? I think I’m leaning towards the Grid, the Scenic Commute or the Ethnic Embroidered weekender. I’ll also keep a look out for something I could use at thrift stores but one these guys above is a definite possibility!

Country Weekend

July 15, 2014


Over the weekend, Mike, Laura and her fiancé Todd and I all traveled down to the Shenandoah Valley to visit my parents. We’ve had a cabin there ever since the early 90s so it feels just as much home as our parent’s place here in Alexandria. When we used to go up there as kids, it was kind of tough to get into the groove of not having a tv or internet around to keep us entertained. After about a day or two of whining, we would eventually find ourselves outside, running around in nature and having a blast. Who knew?

Now when we visit as adults, it’s not so much having a blast as it is getting some time in for R&R and stepping away from the traffic, worry about getting things done at work, and whether or not I’ve looked at the most recent posts on Facebook. Time in the country is usually just what the (nature) doctor ordered, and when I come back at the end of the weekend I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes my way. This weekend was no exception.



oh, hai Mike wearing a towel as a skirt!


 Panama Hat: JCrew, Sheer tank top: Target (similar), Palazzo pants: Thrifted (similar),

Sunnies & Sandals: Target, Striped bikini top: Marshall’s (similar), Necklace: Old Navy




Watching the geese go up & down, and then up & down, and again, and again, was pretty entertaining.




go geese, go!


Wearing these thrifted palazzo pants to the lake was perfect, they are so comfy for lounging! I tied my tank into a faux crop top and threw on my goes-with-everything panama hat for our lazy afternoon lakeside. I think the geese approved.

New Adventure

July 11, 2014



I’m so excited to finally announce that Mike and I will be living in Brussels, Belgium starting this September! We are super pumped for this next adventure and I cannot wait to share all my european thrifting discoveries, weekend trips to near (or far) places, and everything in-between. We are only going to be there for 6 months, so I plan to get as much out of it as I possibly can. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on the developments as these next several weeks pass.

LBD Love

July 8, 2014


I’m kind of obsessed with this narrow cut dress I found at Current Boutique recently. At first I wasn’t really sure about it. The narrow cut seemed awkward and the mini-mock turtle neck was something I’d always stayed away from in the past (mock turtle necks remind me of middle school band, for some reason). I started trying on other things but this dress kept calling to me. So I tried it on again…

And I loved it! It’s got way more interest than your run of the mill LBD. The cut out in the back plus a bright pink lip makes it a perfect fit for a summer night out. I kind of even like the mini mock-turtle neck too!






Dress: Current Boutique (Similar), Cross Body Bag: Old Navy, Flats: Marshall’s (similar),

Sunnies: Target, Lips: Revlon Colorburst in Unapologetic






 What I’ve learned: mock turtle necks in middle school are definitely not the same as those on LBDs.

I wear my Pride on my (Cap)Sleeves

July 3, 2014


This week I decided to keep up my American pride with another red white and blue look, even though USA was knocked out in their heart palpitation inducing game against Belgium on Tuesday. We probably could have had many more shots on goal, but I don’t think I’m alone in my feelings about the keeper, Tim Howard’s performance.

When I was trying to decide what to wear, I initially wanted something that already had all three colors in the print or pattern, similar to what I wore to the pool over the weekend. But nothing in my closet was jumping out to me in that way, so I grabbed this thrifted red dress I found at Goodwill recently and started pulling blue and white accessories to round out the look.  



Red Dress: Thrifted via Goodwill, Blue & White Clutch: Love,Cortnie, Watch: Lulus, Wedges: Thrifted via Savers, Sunnies & Rings: Old Navy








Have a happy 4th!!

Sneaky Suit

July 1, 2014


Just as I’d promised, I went to the pool during my free time over the weekend, because I’m a lady of my word. I bought this nautical inspired one piece back in the beginning of May, (before it went on sale, unfortunately) because I just couldn’t wait! I love the nod to ‘Merica with the red, white and blue stripes, and the strategically placed navy inserts on either side.

Another great aspect of this suit was it’s sneaky qualities. Being able to pretend my suit was a top by throwing on some white denim cut-offs, some comfy flat espadrilles and my trusty panama hat (inspired by Maddie!) to bop around town, but then easily transition into just the suit to laze by the pool with my sister for the afternoon was key.






Nautical one piece swimsuit: Shop Ruche (on sale!), White denim cut-offs: Thrifted via Unique (similar), Gold tote: Thrifted via Unique (similar), Flat lace-up espadrilles: Old Navy (similar), Panama hat: JCrew Factory, Sunnies: Target, Bar necklace: Etsy (similar), White & gold bracelet: Old Navy 



Because if there’s one thing I need in a swimsuit, it’s for it to be super sneaky (or patriotic).

Beachy Pool Time

June 26, 2014


Every year, I await summer’s arrival with crazy anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good spring and fall, but nothing beats summer. When I was a kid, summer meant no school and sleep away camp. In college it meant no school and tubing at the river with friends, ice cold beers floating next to us.

As a working adult now, it means spending as much time as humanly possible outside by the pool, or if I’m really lucky, by the beach. If I’m going to make that precious summertime pastime a reality, I’m going to need some cute, reasonably priced swim wear. Here’s a look at the suits I’m eyeing to live in for the next 3 months.

Floral Underwire Tank

Blue Tile Print Bandeau Bikini

Neon Triangle Top

Patriotic Two Piece


High-waist Colorblock One Piece

Stripes 50s Halter Bikini

Aloha Print Longline Swimsuit


Neon Pink Fringe Bikini

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to count down the hours until work is over so I can get myself to a pool. See you there?

Fresh Princess

June 24, 2014


Mike and I went to (you guessed it) Philadelphia over the weekend! We tried to visit Philly several years ago but unfortunately the trip got snowed out (Snowmaggedeon has a way of ruining things). The reason we went to Philly was because for Christmas Mike’s mom gave us tickets to go to a car museum, and also to foot the bill for our hotel room (sweet!)

We decided this time around we would visit the city of brotherly love in the Spring to hopefully avoid any more snow related delays. We headed out Saturday morning and in just over 2 hours we were there! I didn’t realize, or didn’t remember, how easy of a drive it was! We started off at the museum where Mike was like a kid in a candy store (a candy store filled with awesome cars) and then we went to the creepy yet super interesting Eastern State Penitentiary to tour the almost 200 year old prison.


Jumper: TJ Maxx, Cross body bag: Old Navy, Flats & Sunnies: Target, Necklace: Etsy 


We also ate delicious donuts. Because I have to sample donuts from everywhere I visit- for important research.


Reading Terminal was cool! And crowded! And full of stuff to buy!





Cars, cars and more cars.






I laugh in the face of creepiness! Or laugh to keep from crying, whatever. But seriously, we had a great time in Philly, and thanks to all of you who threw out tips about what we should see/do while we were there (on the cheap!) when I sent out an SOS on Facebook Saturday morning, halfway to our destination. I love a good FB trip suggestions round up!