Go Navy

September 17, 2014

Throughout the year I’ve attended a farmhouse bachelorette party, and helped plan a couples wedding shower. You know where this is going, right? Bach party + wedding shower = pending WEDDING! My brother and his fiancee’s I Do’s are coming up next month and Mike and I will be flying back into the states for the celebration! Basically what this means is I have about  30 days (give or take) to figure out what I will wear to the big event.

I have been honored to be included in the wedding party, and we have been asked to choose a navy colored dress. I also know a thing or two about New York in the fall- it could be a little on the chilly side and (weather permitting) the ceremony will take place outside. So to be blunt: I need a navy dress with some sleeves or a bit of a weightier fabric, all within a thrifty gal’s budget! Of course I will be considering using Rent the Runway, as I often have had success with them in the past, but if I find something cute here in Brussels at a thrift shop I’ll be happy to add that lovely find to my carry-on. Here are a few looks I’d love to wear on that joyous day:

Seamed Pencil Dress  love the lower hem line! ^^^

We Belong Together Dress

Lace Sheath Dress

Meant to Bijou Dress

Sway Dress   cute open back! ^^^

Lace Shift Dress

Scallop Neckline  how can I say no to scallops?? ^^^

Piece of Cake Dress

Which one do you like best? If I can’t find anything suitable here in my ‘hood I’m thinking about that scallop dress or maybe the one with the open back.

Day Trippin’

September 15, 2014

We had the pleasure of getting a visit from my parents this weekend! They arrived on Thursday and left this morning for Greece(!) It was really nice to see them and hang out, exploring our new home. They were pretty tired from their trip on Thursday (understandably) so we started our venture out into Brussels on Friday. Mike had to go to work but I met them at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts where we spent most of the morning. In the afternoon we strolled around some of the big landmarks and found our way to a nice park to lounge in the sun. Later we met up with Mike for dinner at the Canterbury, recommended by our Belgian friend- it did not disappoint!  

On Saturday we decided to venture out to Bruges where we took a boat tour and ate one of the most delicious lunches we’ve ever had at De Vlaamsche Pot! Next time we go to Bruges we will definitely be back. The following day we went a little closer to home and explored Ghent. Everyone bikes there, so it was almost just as hard to cross the street without getting in the way of a biker as it is here in Brussels with cars and trams. Next time we go I think renting bikes will be in order!


a lazy dog watched us go by on the boat tour in Bruges

Ghent at sunset



for our trip to Ghent I wore jeans, booties, a lightweight top and my army jacket- it was perfect since the weather was cool in the shade and warm in the sun. 


everywhere we went there were these amazing open air street markets. i wanted to buy all of the iron wall hooks.



my boo. lookin cute.  


we explored some ruins of an abbey in Ghent that was pretty awesome. it was like we were in a mystical, medieval secret garden.





Photo Sep 13

M&P, ordering up some delicious lunch at De Vlaamsche Pot!


in Ghent, a huge festival of sorts was going on





there was some sort of challenge not to tip over this tower of buckets filled with water thing going on. it looked… challenging?


had to include this- caught M&P pointing at something together. ha! they are pretty cute.



I just got a text from my parents that they made it into Greece without any problems- which is good to know since we are joining them there (in Crete, to be exact) next weekend!! #isthisreallife?


September 10, 2014


Tomorrow will mark three weeks since I stopped working. I definitely feel like I was able to wear pretty much what I wanted to work, while keeping things professional and somewhat conservative, and to be honest, I enjoyed figuring out what to wear each day under those guidelines. So now that we’ve finally been in the same place for a few days without having to deal with moving stress or living out of a suitcase while in Geneva, it’s been weird having the freedom to choose whatever I want to wear each day.

Let’s let that sink in for a second. I can wear whatever I want. It literally doesn’t matter what I decide to wear each day because I don’t have to be professional, put in an effort or make an impression. I could literally roll out of bed and walk around like a muppet who doesn’t wear pants, but I think you know me better than that by now. Yesterday Mike and I met up with a friend to get Moroccan for dinner and I decided to wear my thrifted floral shorts with my grey waffle sweater and some strappy heels. BECAUSE I CAN.



why yes that is a castle behind me. it’s around the corner from where we live, nbd. 



Waffle sweater: Old Navy (similar), Necklace: Lulus (similar), Blazer overcoat: Sheinside (similar),

Heels: Ross, Clutch: Gap (similar), Sunnies: Target 






isn’t this how you lounge on park benches, too?





Plus, this mild weather won’t last forever- our Belgian friend reminded us last night that one day we are going to wake up and “winter will be here.” (I think that’s the Belgian translation for winter is coming). So my floral shorts needed to make an appearance before it was too late. Good thing I packed them to be worn once, huh? Here’s hoping Mike ignores that last statement…

Let’s go to Switzerland

September 8, 2014


When Mike’s new supervisor asked him to go to Geneva for his first week here in the Brussels office, I assume his response was “of course.” When I heard that Mike was going to Geneva for his first week, my response was “of course, I’m coming with you.” So after he headed that way Monday morning last week, I arrived on Wednesday evening. What followed were several lovely days in beautiful Geneva and one day in even more beautiful Montreaux.

Admittedly, I had kind of a hard time finding my way to Geneva from Brussels- I’m not great with following directions on my own (especially when I’m what you call mono-lingual: aka- American). When getting to the airport in Switzerland I heard two guys speaking English saying that they were looking for the train to Geneva. Me too! I thought- I’ll just follow them there. I introduced myself to my new Aussie friends and off we went to find the train. After exchanging whatsapp info, I met up with them the next day and we explored Geneva together. Being an ignorant American has it’s perks.

The weekend was more dedicated to showing Mike around town (since I was now a Swiss regular, you see) and that evening our Air BNB host invited us to a stay at home dinner with her friends. We brought some wine and helped as her sous chefs to make a very yummy Indian meal. After several bottles of wine between the 9 of us and hilarious stories from our new international friends, we were off to bed. For our final day we decided to take an hour long train ride to Montreaux. It was a glorious decision, I promise you.



Copy of IMG_1722

my matching thrift store finds- the top on my body from Current Boutique in Alexandria and the blazer in a random second hand shop in Geneva! the guy who worked there laughed so hard when I showed him the coincidence I thought he was going to stop breathing. he said “for you- half off!” …. instead I bought the H&M heels shown below.


I forgot to bring my “bathing costume” but I was satisfied lounging by the lake with some cheap beer…


from our walk around the lake in Montreaux





we visited Castle Chillon in Montreaux- it was like something out of Game of Thrones. loved it!


my traveling partner




Printed croptop: Current Boutique, Maxi skirt: Target (similar), Panama hat: JCrew, Sandals: H&M, thrfited in Geneva (similar), Necklace: Shop in Brussels, Couture d’Alice


Turns out Mike will make another business trip to Geneva in January, I suppose I’ll have to go along again. Speaking of Mike, he started a travel blog! He’s pretty entertaining, so you should check it out.

I love Belgium in the Fall(time)

September 3, 2014

So I realize it’s not quite fall yet, but here in Brussels the temperature is a perfect 23 degrees (that’s 73.4 in fahrenheit for all you guys stateside) and I’m itching to pair my summer & fall pieces together like mussels and frites.

Textured Sweatshirt

Metallic Booties

Printed Trousers

Full Pleated Skirt

Fluffy Check Cardigan

Blue Smoking Slippers 

Long-sleeved Romper (I enjoy this hat too!)

Bright Blazer

Striped Waffle Sweater

That was satisfying, no? Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go try to find similar pieces in my wardrobe and go get packed for my first mini-excursion to Geneva!

We’re HERE!

September 1, 2014


We made it to Brussels! And finally I’m awake enough now to tell you about the last few weeks! Things were pretty crazy for us- I had my last day at work on the 21st (hooray!), and then we went to Atlantic City for my brother’s bachelor party pleasant weekend (total DANCE party) and then we had 4 days to finish moving our crap out of our house and pack (decisions, decisions!) which was easier said than done.

We barely finished everything with about 1.5 hours left to say goodbye to our fur baby, drop off our car, and managed to catch our red eye flight. My parents and Mike’s parents were SUPER awesome helping us get ready to make the trip, we can’t thank them enough. Once we got here we unloaded our stuff and walked around to explore a bit, trying to stay awake for as long as we could- we crashed around 3pm. After sleeping for several hours we made ourselves get up and go find some dinner. But first, outfit photos were taken…



We were asked by some girls to take their photo (in French!) so I asked them to take our photo too (in English!)


Floral dress: Forever21 (similar), Booties: Urban Outfitters (similar), Pink faux leather jacket: Target (similar), Cobalt bag: Baghaus (similar), Watch: Guess (similar), Bangle: Rocksbox, Necklaces: Old Navy & Etsy



We are beyond excited that we get to call this place home for the next 6 months- we still keep looking at each other like, is this real life? I’m trying to take it all in one baby step at a time, reminding myself this is really happening. I’m here on my own for a few days while Mike is in Geneva for work (I’ll meet him there on Wednesday!), so wish me luck being an American thrifty girl in Belgium!

Adventure Necessities III – Wrap it Up

August 19, 2014

In addition to jackets and a weekender bag, while I’m in Brussels for the Fall & Winter I’m definitely going to need a few fun/adorable scarves to top off my look and (of course) keep the ‘ol neck toasty warm. If there’s one thing I’m always happy to add to my colder weather outfits, it’s a bright patterned scarf! They are literally the best addition for that perfect layered look.

Patchwork Infinity Scarf

Tropicana Scarf

Gradient Chevron Scarf

Star-dom Scarf

Geometric Print Scarf

Floating Design Scarf

Ink Floral Scarf

Polka Dot Scarf 

Wild at Heart Scarf 

Mona Scarf

The floating design and wild at heart ones are giving me tingly vibes. Which one(s) is your fave?

Same but Different

August 14, 2014


After seeing Madeline’s post from earlier this week I was inspired to take out my newly thrifted floral skirt for a test drive. Mike and I finally got our Visas approved, after a lot of legwork, running around DC and Maryland, and taking numerous days off work to get it all done (my sigh of relief is still exhaling as I type this), so we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner at Cheesetique last night.

This pleated, floral looker was perfect for our celebratory evening out, sipping on delicious red wine for me, a Belgian style tripel beer for Mike and enough cheese for weeks for the both of us. As we sat outside watching people walk by with their kids and dogs, listening to other diners talk about everyday events, I started to think about how different my life will look in just two short weeks.



Floral Skirt: Thrifted from Unique (similar), Gray Tank (similar) & Blue Wedges (similar): Target, Bag: Baghaus (similar), Sunnies & Necklace: Old Navy, Bangle: Rocksbox




I imagine scenes in Brussels will be somewhat similar, except the conversations I overhear will probably be harder to understand. (Note to self: start French lessons).

Sunday Thrifting (in a thrifted dress)

August 12, 2014


On Sunday I did a few of my favorite things (cue Sound of Music lead Julie Andrews to sing for me in the background). I slept in, I went out to brunch and then went to a few vintage and thrift stores with some friends- all while wearing one of my most favorite thrifted dresses.

It was a lovely day, especially since most of my time lately has been consumed with all things moving- getting our visas ready, wrapping things up at work, and overhauling our house to be ready for renters. Brunch and thrifting on a leisurely Sunday was a welcome reprieve.

DSC_1904 DSC_1900 DSC_1901

Green polka dot dress: Thrifted via Goodwill (similar), Colorblock Wedges: Marshall’s (similar),

Yellow Clutch/Crossbody: Target (similar), Sunnies: Target



At Amalgamated in Del Ray- despite my pretending-I-don’t-know-I’m-getting-my-photo-taken face, I did indeed buy that dress!

DSC_1906 DSC_1911

I hope you had a nice Sunday full of your favorite things as well, or at the very least you weren’t spending your time getting ready to move!

Day to Night

August 7, 2014

It’s the age old question: how do I make a look appropriate for day while running around for work and having to make sure you don’t look too saucy or clients will take your “home visit” the wrong way, while still being able to go out at night with friends and give off an evening, I’m ready to take full advantage of happy hour, let’s pretend our work day never happened vibe.

I’m happy to share how I solved this problem earlier this week with you! Please join me on a journey into a day in the life of a social worker/person who likes happy hour…


Lace skirt: Thrifted at Unique (similar), Sail boat print tank top (similar), sunnies & Wedges: Target, Faux Ostrich Tote: Thrifted at Goodwill (similar), Stacked rings: Old Navy, Watch: Guess (gifted)

For work I paired a fun sail boat print tank with my thrifted black lace skirt. Since I go into the community and visit with clients during the day, flats or low heels are the most appropriate way to go (although I wouldn’t say I follow this 100% of the time…) and I usually try to keep my jewelry and make up a little more conservative. When I meet with clients, I don’t want them to be too focused on what I’m wearing but more focused on how I can help them. Or how they can slam the door in my face- potato potahto.





Once I’d had enough door slamming, it was time to head out for that after work drink! Using the space in my awesome thrifted bag-o-fun tote, I had stowed away a cute clutch, a sparkly necklace and some great strappy heels.


getting out my sparkly friend

DSC_1790    DSC_1788

 my husband/photog gives me a helping hand while I change shoes- what a guy!


Pill box clutch: Current Boutique (similar), Strappy heels: Target (similar),

Bold Pink Lip: Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Unapologetic  

With those key small changes, I was ready to head out for drinks with pals and tell them all about my clients’ door-slamming abilities.







And that, my friends, is how you do day to night- so easy! Now who wants another glass of wine?