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Discounts and Giving Back

March 21, 2012



 I love a good discount, that’s nothing new. But I’m a little skeptical when it comes to all of these new groups popping up that swear you are getting a good deal when you join them. I’m talking about groups like ideeli, Jewelmint, Birchbox, Shoemint, and many more. I’m conflicted because I know they are giving us options to buy high quality items for a lower cost, but I end up spending a lot more money in general when I use them. They still are kind of expensive in my book! Plus, the last time I got excited about one of these groups I was advised that the quality of the items were less than desireable.

But, I did notice that some of them promote giving back to the community, which is something I really can get behind. Jewelmint gives back 50% of their proceeds to The Wounded Warrior Project, which empowers veterans who have been injured while on duty. Ideeli promotes fitness and getting in shape with their Ideel World program where they sell work out gear and equipment. Rue La La covers events such as CFDA Health Initiative Panel Discussion: A Well Balanced Life on their blog. The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers) spoke about their ”commitment to protecting models, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and educating the industry about the dangers and warning signs of eating disorders.” These all seem like pretty good things to me.

It makes me feel better when I’m scanning these groups for their latest discounts to know that some of them have a commitment to bettering the community; whether it’s through giving back financially to veterans, educating us about important dangers such as eating disorders, or just promoting a healthy lifestyle.

If you need me I’ll be doing a little online shopping.

What do you think about the discount groups that have been popping up more and more recently? Do you think they are a good deal or just a way for you to spend more money? Does it make you feel better too that some of them are giving back to the community?