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Jumpsuit Cravings

April 4, 2012

Ever since I saw Rose Byrne wearing this simply jaw dropping jumpsuit at the SAG awards a few months ago, I have been craving a few jumpsuits of my own. Now, I’ve never really considered myself a jumpsuit/catsuit kind of gal because they always seemed a wee bit too out there for me, but I’m itching to give the right one a try. They just feel so streamlined and comfy to me. The only logistical downside I can think of is what to do when you have to pee…?

More Inspiriation:

Jumpsuits on a budget:

Anchor Print Jumpsuit                      Floral Palazzo Jumpsuit               Strapless Knit Jumper

What are your thougts/feelings on jumpsuits? Yay or nay?

My New Fave

June 10, 2011


I want to share with you all a new website I stumbled across recently and have been obsessed with ever since. I apologize if you are already familiar with this brand, and if so I give you a virtual high five for being in the know. It’s called Dorothy Perkins and it appears to be a UK label. I was lucky enough to be able to visit London in March of last year and I was immediately in love with the super friendly people, the easy to navigate public transportation- the Tube, and all the rich history. So it’s no surprise to me that I also would fall head over heels for a UK based brand. Here are a few more of my favorite pieces from the site:

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