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Flashback Friday

March 9, 2012

The Flashback Friday installments continue! Until I run out of photos to share! Which I hope doesn’t happen soon! Exclamation points!!!

So this photo is of my Grandma when she’s a little older, probably in the late 40s. I’m assuming it’s in the late 40s because I believe that cute tot she’s snuggling is my mom and my mom was born in 1947. I love this easy breezy Spring outfit she’s wearing here. From the crisp white shirt to the floral skirt, the middle part in her hair and what looks to be a deep red lip color- she would totally be dressed appropriately for today!

Also I can’t help but notice that my mom’s only wearing one shoe! I see this all the time when I’m at the grocery store or with friend’s babies and I think it’s pretty hilarious. I guess babies never change. And I think it’s kind of funny that her crib is outside, I guess moms are pretty happy pack-n-plays have been invented since my Grandma’s time.

Here’s a look inspired by my Grandma as a new mom in this photo. Happy weekend!

Floral Spring SkirtWhite Button DownVintage Vanity SetStrappy Espadrille WedgeRed Colorburst LipstickBeaded Rosette Bracelet