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Apocalyptic Style

March 4, 2014


Is anyone else having a hard time with this yo-yoing weather? Oh look, it’s snowing. Sweaters and layers it is. No wait, it’s 68 and humid. Ditching my socks and light weight blouses, here I come! Hold on, it’s snowing again. Whatishappeninghelpmeplease!! 

Is it because of global warming? Is it the apocalypse? Are zombies coming to take over the world? It’s possible I might be watching too much Walking Dead, but I’m pretty sure something screwy is going on.

DSC_9336   DSC_9375


Sweater: She Inside, Pants: Old Navy (similar), Booties (similar), hat, earrings & coat: Target,

Bag: Thrifted via Unique, Scarf: TJ Maxx (similar), Glasses: Zenni Optical, Bangles: c/o CapWell


Don’t let the smile fool you. I am terrified.



Turns out if it really was a zombie apocalypse I’d only last a year and a half. At least I would go out in style…?

Snow Expectations

February 18, 2014


We got snow last week. AGAIN. It’s not that I don’t like snow, I just don’t have the same expectations I had as a kid. Back then there were no downsides to it- school gets canceled, you get to go sledding all day long and pelt your friends with snowballs. Your parents make you hot chocolate and a roaring fire for you to sit by. It was awesome.

Now it’s just not the same. I usually still have to go to work which means spending 20 good minutes digging my car out of the igloo that’s formed around it overnight, and even if I don’t have to go to work it just means the next day will be twice as busy. I don’t particularly want to go sledding anymore (snow is pretty cold, I’ve learned) and I don’t plan on pelting anyone with snowballs for fear of the repercussions. The one good thing I have going for me when it comes to snow nowadays- it makes quite a beautiful backdrop for photos.


DSC_9168 DSC_9114 DSC_9160


Sweater dress: American Eagle thrifted via Unique, Beanie & Infinity scarf: Old Navy, Boot socks, tights & necklace: Target, Mittens: ASOS, Coat: TJ Maxx, Cross Body Bag: Coach thrifted via Capital Caring Thrift Shop, Flat boots: DSW

DSC_9110  DSC_9173


Ok, snow might not be that bad. Snowball fight anyone?

Road Trip

July 16, 2013


On Saturday Mike and I visited with some friends at Kings Family Vineyards in Charlottesville. After a semi-chilly Friday night I thought wearing my maxi dress turned skirt would be appropriate for the weather but, unfortunately, my legs were a literal hot mess under those gorgeous layers.

Luckily, after an undisclosed amount of wine and good conversation I was far less aware of my hot sticky legs and just sat back while enjoying the day.


T-shirt: Khol’s, Maxi Skirt: formerly a dress via Old Navy, Wedges: TJ Maxx, Sunnies: Old Navy, Bracelet: Gifted via Reunions






The adorable Little Swedican!





Hanging out with good pals, drinking wine and playing with an adorable baby is definitely my idea of an awesome weekend. See you again soon, CVille!


July 2, 2013


You know those days when you feel like there is nothing in your closet to wear? (Thanks to the incident who must not be named, there literally is nothing in my closet because everything is on my bedroom floor, but I digress). Well, I think I’ve found a way to deal with that irritating feeling- choose all your favorites and you’ll instantly have an outfit you adore.

Case in point- this little get-up I put together for Anne’s baby shower: I love bright colors and shirt dresses (bright mandarin orange shirt dress? Yes, please!), I’m obsessed with my neutral wedges, I literally want to wear my leopard print belt with everything, I have been and forever will be a big earrings devotee, and my looks-like-it-cost-a-thousand-bucks-but-it-so-didn’t bag is pure perfection. I styled my hair in my favorite hair style of late- the faux bob, and topped it off with my retro inspired sunnies.



Dress: JCrew (thrifted via Savers), Wedges: TJ Maxx, Bag & Ring: Old Navy, Belt: Target, Sunnies: LC Lauren Conrad, Earrings: Thrifted via Goodwill  


I loved this outfit so much I didn’t want to take it off even when I started sweating profusely as the day got hotter and hotter. I’ll tell my secretary to make a note that I should break this look out again sometime in late September…


February 28, 2012

Last weekend I had was invited to attend The Virginia Wine Showcase with a few friends. Seeing as how I do love a nice glass of vino now and again, I happily agreed. The wines were pretty good, although a lot of them were a bit too on the sweet side for me. I prefer a heavy red like a malbec or a cab sauv (just in case you ever want to get me some wine, thought you should know).

I decided to wear my new suede high waisted shorts from H&M and built the outfit around it. The nice berry color reminded me of my favorite type of wine – see above if you’ve already forgotten said favorite wines.

Top: Unique, Shorts: H&M, Scarf & Bracelets: World Market, Coat: Old Navy, Boots: Ross, Purse: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx

As you can tell, the several wine tastings definitely got to me. I hadn’t been this tipsy on a Sunday afternoon since college. Oh day drinking, how I’ve missed you. A good time was had by all, especially me.

Do you enjoy wine tastings? What do you typically wear to them? How do you feel about day drinking? Do you think I’m an alcoholic? (I’m not an alcoholic, just an alcohol appreciater).

Puffy Vest Maturity

December 22, 2011

Jeans: Old Navy (similar), Sweater: GAP via Goodwill, Puffy Vest: LLBean via Capital Caring Thrift Store, Scarf: Target, Bag: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx, Earrings: Unique, Sunnies: Target, Boots: Nine West (on sale)

Just your typical detour on the way to the grocery store to check out some ducks at a nearby residential neighborhood’s man made pond. Where do the ducks go when it gets too cold for them here? Do they fly south to a man made pond that’s temperature is more reasonable? I have a feeling there is a children’s book out there that could help me answer these important questions.

I know what I do when it gets colder out, I layer up. One layer I’ve never had the pleasure of owning before is a puffy vest. I never really got into the whole puffy vest, jacket, or parka trend. Growing up in the 80s I remember my mom had an orange puffy jacket and I kind of hated it. But when I saw that green vest puffing out at me on the jacket rack at the Capital Caring Thrift store the other day, I decided to give it a chance. And I’m glad I did- man are those things warm! I kind of want to wear it with every outfit now. I think that enjoying a puffy vest is kind of like my relationship with peanut butter: I hated it when I was a kid and I kinda like it now. Maybe puffy vests just come with maturity.

Do you have a puffy vest in your closet? How do you feel about it? Did you also kind of hate them when you were a kid?